Ariana Grande Lux

OUR ROLE - Creative, Design, Media


The team at Luxe Brands was looking for a dynamic bank of assets that could be leveraged across all mediums that would give them flexibility while still being able to showcase the personality and beauty behind Ariana Grande’s perfume brand line up.



Instead of the standard photoshoot, which is what we were briefed on. We came back with a more innovative solution using 3D design, CGI and AI that allowed us to create double the amount of assets while also being able to easily change the focus, perspective and colouring with a click of a button. Giving the Luxe Team endless amounts of options creatively with their new digital bank of assets for Ari.

We brought the brand to life creatively with a soft visual approach that highlighted the iconic perfume bottle, surrounding it with visual representations of florals, food and other visuals that act metaphorically for the scent. Each design was sculptured to look like a one of a kind piece of artwork.

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