Coca Cola with Coffee Pop-up at Toronto Metropolitan University
Coca Cola with Coffee Pop-up at Toronto Metropolitan University


Coke with Coffee

OUR ROLE - Strategy, Creative & Design, Experiential, Sampling, Influencer

As a new brand and beverage concept, Coke with Coffee was challenged with low awareness and trial due to limited knowledge about the product, the taste and its benefits. To ensure we got liquid to lips to increase trial and educate consumers on where and when they can fit this beverage into their daily lives, we built awareness for the brand all while honing in on the beverage occasion.
For the launch of Coke with Coffee, we outfitted a 10’ x 10’ container with the ultimate sensorial experience. Using curated audio tracks with uplifting beats to emphasize beating the afternoon lull, visual cues of the beverage through custom curated content, various lighting features with different colours providing consumers with recharging and energizing feelings, the smell of vanilla and coffee & the sweet taste of Coke with Coffee – this experience provided consumers with that necessary break during their day, mass trialed the product and honed in on the Coke with Coffee consumption occasion.To boost awareness and trial on social media during busy periods like exam season and holiday errands, we partnered with 9 paid and 4 student influencers in key urban markets to create engaging content around the benefits of Coke with Coffee as a mid-day pick-me-up. By leveraging student households as brand ambassadors, we increased product awareness and trial by providing them with beautiful PR kits that included Coca-Cola swag and enough Coke with Coffee to share with their extensive networks of roommates, friends, and family.
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