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Sebastian Giovinco signing a contract
As a global partner of the 2022 World Cup, Budweiser Canada wanted to find an authentic, and impactful, path to associating their brand with soccer in a country that loves hockey, basketball, football, and baseball ahead of the ‘Beautiful Game’. Along with brand awareness, we were asked to find a solution that also drove to eComm retail, closing the loop with a campaign Canadian soccer fans could relate to all the way down the funnel.
We took a soccer-first approach, serving up the rich insight that while Canada will be at the World Cup for the first time in over 30 years, Italy will not. With Italo-Canadians missing out on cheering for the Azzurri, that meant there were millions of passionate soccer fans standing by to have that passion directed elsewhere – by Budweiser. Enter Forza Canada, an omni-channel campaign designed to rally erstwhile Italy fans to cheer for their home country, Canada.We partnered Budweiser with Sebastian Giovinco, arguably Canada’s most beloved Italian soccer player, and Alistair Johnson, an active member of Canada’s Men’s Team to form an alliance designed to get soccer fans excited.From tease, to press conference, to viewing parties, to eComm assets, we exploded the concept across media, PR, social, experiential, and digital to ensure Budweiser was top of mind as Qatar 2022 kicked off.
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