Holman Anniversary

OUR ROLE - Strategy, Experiential


With Holman centennial celebrations coming up across their regional offices in both North America and Europe, Salt was asked to ignite enthusiasm and anticipation surrounding the events. We were tasked with elevating the overall experience of the events and ensuring that every Holman employee feels the excitement and importance of this milestone year, regardless of their location.

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For an anniversary like this, we had to go beyond simply hosting events; we crafted unforgettable experiences that made Holman employees feel valued and appreciated for all they do. By handpicking unique venues and adding special touches tailored to each specific market, we made sure every moment felt special and exclusive. The branding initiatives we implemented brought the Holman brand to life, infusing each event with its unique personality and charm. We planned activities that encouraged everyone to come together and have fun, fostering bonds in ways they rarely get to experience. Our aim was to make the celebration unforgettable, leaving a warm and lasting feeling of gratitude amount Holman's amazing workforce.

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