Maison Mercedes 

An experiential retail pop-up highlighting the world’s most desirable cars and a curated selection of luxury holiday gifts.

Strategy, Creative & Design, Experiential, Pop-Up, Event Management

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Mercedes-Benz had a limited window of opportunity to showcase the Concept Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture during the 2022 Holiday season and needed a unique experience to generate awareness and desire for its Top-End Vehicles (specifically Mercedes-Maybach and G-Class) to reinforce the brand’s luxury positioning.
Strategy & Solutions
Inspired by the “otherworldly” nature of the Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture and the customized offerings of MANUFAKTUR, we designed and created an immersive retail pop-up where guests could experience Mercedes-Benz Top-End Vehicles first-hand while shopping for a curated selection of unique, luxury holiday gifts.The 8000 square-foot location was divided into two distinct interactive environments featuring local and global lifestyle brands that aligned with the aesthetic and lifestyles of display vehicles. With no pressure (or possibility) of buying these display vehicles onsite, guests and attendees at VIP events were encouraged to enjoy the experience and imagine themselves in the world of Mercedes-Benz with no strings attached. Interested buyers met with our expert concierge staff to learn more or be connected with local dealers for follow-up conversations.
Showcase room with a Mercedes-Benz G63 and E63

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