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smartwater was looking for a way to make a splash in the market for the launch of its new smartwater alkaline product. However, the goal was to drive breakthrough awareness but with a highly targeted audience of influential members of the fitness community. Our job was to develop an experience that would help attract this audience to create captivating content to tell an authentic brand story.

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With a multi-tiered approach, the Salt team helped with the launch and trial of smartwater alkaline across key US markets. Creating an experiential platform called the 9.5ph Club and leveraging members of the influential fitness community to target select gym locations with various trial and brand experience opportunities. This approached at the Tier 1 level helped us deliver an attention-grabbing event hosting members of the influential fitness community for a once in a lifetime workout with Steve Aoki on the rooftop of the Equinox in downtown LA. Delivering a combination of incredible content with significant earned reach across key editorial publications helping deliver a positive ROI and a new model for driving awareness and consideration for the brand.

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