Jacob's Creek

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The summer is a cluttered time as it relates to alcoholic beverage marketing, and Jacob’s Creek needed to punch above its weight in order to make a splash during this very important season. Our job was to think about a way to create relevancy all summer long with a brand act that would help generate both excitement and buzz for the brand.

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This summer we wanted to reward friends with more than just great tasting wine.​ This summer, the drops are more than just crisp Moscato or Pinot Grigio, our drops are a collection of highly desirable experiences for you and your friends.​ To achieve this we created a summer long lottery that allowed for consumers to win incredible experiences weekly to help enhance their summer. We launched the national Program with a Summer Drops balloon parade, being captured by key editorial blogs and influencers generating a wave of $120k+ entrants into our lottery, keeping the brand top of mind all summer long.

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